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    Q: What should be the the Ingham Democrats' top 3 goal for the next 2 years to elect Democrats and progressive proposals? Please write out 3 statements and separate by a line in order of priority
    A: 1. Build and maintain a registry of election volunteers, by category of interest, to empower organized unpaid local citizens to do practical things in their neighborhoods in towns throughout the county – between elections, so they will be known influencers between votes.
    2. Recruit and hold workshops to train volunteers to apply for or run for party precinct positions, non-partisan local positions, and local and county elected and appointed boards. Builds a trained and organized bench.
    3. Work with local businesses owned by Democrats or progressives to collaborate on supporting mutually beneficial progressive issues.

    Strategic Plan

    For those who are unable to attend the Strategic Planning Meeting, we still want your input.  Please complete this survey before Saturday, Feb. 18 so that ICDP Officers can review your responses and add them to the collective wisdom of the organization. 

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