Wisconsin Presidential Primary long line

The long, dangerous lines at the polls in the Wisconsin Primary once again show that Republicans will stop at nothing to diminish voter turnout.  We must fight back. Please, sign up to Vote from Home (Absentee). And Take the Pledge.

We need your support in order to end the Trump nightmare, re-elect U.S. Senator Gary Peters, U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin and other great Democratic leaders.  Don’t let the coronavirus, bad weather, work, child care or voter suppression prevent you from voting. A new Michigan law gives every voter the right to cast an absentee ballot. The uncertainty of the pandemic makes it all the more crucial that you/we do so!!!

If you are an Ingham County voter, you can set the process in motion RIGHT NOW.  Click on the link below for the jurisdiction that you are register to vote. (Opens a new window on your computer)

Delhi Township (Holt)  - Clerk Evan Hope

East Lansing City - Jennifer Shuster

Lansing City- Clerk Chris Swope

Lansing Township

Mason City

Anywhere else in Ingham County or are unsure of your jurisdiction - County Clerk Barb Byrum

Take a few minutes and fill out the form now. And Take the Pledge by clicking the YES BOX below. It allows us to focus on registering other Democratic supporters and getting  them to vote.  If you want to vote in your precinct or are unsure of your plan to vote, it is OK.  It is more important that you vote than how.  

If you are not registered to vote in Michigan at your current address, you can register to vote online NOW by clicking this link - www.michigan.gov/vote

If you have more questions, please contact your City or Township Clerk's Office which you can find at this link here or our County Clerk Barb Byrum at [email protected] or call (517) 676-7201.

Finally, Please share the pledge with others.

Who's pledging

1,000 votes
Yes I will plan to vote from home (absentee).
I might I might vote from home not sure on my plan to vote. .
No I plan to vote in my precinct.

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